The culture of the ass sink

So, the word “bidet” is actually French. I don’t speak French, but I’m pretty sure it means “ass sink“.

Funny thing about these bidets is that though the word is French, they are not so common in France… but ass sinks can still be found in the bathrooms of most Italian homes, and even some public bathrooms (wicked gross!). For those of you who don’t know, the bidet is meant to serve to “freshen up” intimate parts of the body after using the toilet and in between showers. It’s like a really elaborate moist towelette. (UGH! I f-ing HATE the word “moist”).

The very first time I ever saw a bidet was in a hotel in Rome during a vacation with my family when I was a teenager. I remember thinking it was a weird European urinal. I think I may have even peed in it (and if I did, I’m sure I made a mess… I mean, I miss the toilet half the time, so I can only imagine with a bidet…)

When I returned to Italy years later to live, I argued with my roommates in my Bologna apartment because I thought it wasn’t fair that I had to clean the bidet too when it was my turn to do the bathroom. My theory was that I shouldn’t have to wash the ass sink that everybody but me used.

You see, at first I really never used the bidet. I didn’t really see the point and, to be honest, it actually creeped me out a bit. If I ever did use the bidet, it was to wash my feet after walking around in flip-flops in the summer or maybe soak a shirt if I’d gotten some sauce on it or something.

Now, I don’t even think twice about them. I even admit that from time to time I’ve even used the bidet (in the way it was *ahem* meant to be used). It’s surprisingly nice….

I guess I’ve just gotten used to having bidets in my bathrooms. Those funny lil’ ass sinks!


9 thoughts on “The culture of the ass sink

  1. One would think after shitting in a doorway,a bidet, would be a pleasure to use. Although I personally cound never ever use one even to wash my feet. I think I would walk around with poo in my pants.
    Persoinally I think pooping is a tremendous waste of time,smelly dirty and messy. I have two dogs who have lots of fur on their butts, but,amazingly not one piece of poop sticks to their butts, and yet I have to keep whipping& whipping. This is not right at all. Pooping is

  2. I could see the value in a bidet if someone, I don’t know, farted on my balls?
    And of all things, it eliminates the excessive use of fanny wipes in one rat’s world. Ahem.

  3. Garrett, I know Italian people may look a bit weird to Americans… and I guess you’re right. But listen, washing your as***le after you end with your… job, well, that’s really a very good habit! Especially if you’re going to use it some other way after that… 🙂

    • 😮 I like the way you talked about pooping and having sex without referring outright to either of those things. Very professional! Hahaha!

      … Or am I the dirty guy that interpreted you wrong?

      • No Garrett, not a dirty guy at all 😀
        Just forgive me if my English is not perfect, but I can see you exactly got what I meant 😀

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