Today is my 30th birthday!

Tonight, I’ll be going out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend on the Navigli in Milan. The Navigli is a nice area of the city on these old canals (originally constructed by Leonardo Da Vinci to bring materials into Milan via water, including marble to build the Duomo). The area is really cute and is full of bars and restaurants and funky stores.

In Italy, the person celebrating the birthday is not “treated” (as in the good ol’ USA), but rather offers drinks/dinner/etc. to his or her guests. That being said, I will be paying for tonight’s dinner, and not my boyfriend.

I once tried to convince him that since he is Italian and I am American, that on his birthday he should pay for dinner (Italian tradition) and that on my birthday he should still pay (American tradition)…. he didn’t go for it… 🙂


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