I can be Lady Gaga if I want to


Halloween is my favorite holiday! Anybody who knows me well knows that I go bonkers for Halloween. I love Jack-o-Lanterns and Draculas and Ghosts and Witches and all that spooky Halloween stuff.

I’ve always loved decorating the house for Halloween. I remember placing graveyard decals on the front windows of our house, hanging the Witchinas in front of the fire-place, and placing the ceramic ghost family figurines that my Mom painted all along the mantle. Luckily for me my family and friends send me packages in Italy with Halloween prizies and candy (thanks guys!) so I can keep my little apartment in the “spirit” of the holiday (pun definitely intended).

Also luckily for me, Halloween is catching on more and more each year in Italy. It’s sort of a newish holiday here but it works out perfectly because November 1st is a holiday here (Tutti Santi) so you get the day after Halloween off work to recover from all the witches’ brew you had the night before.

It can be difficult trying to convince Italians that they can dress up as anything they want for Halloween, like a super hero or Lady Gaga, and not just your classic Zombie or Slutty Black Cat (I don’t know why, but girls ALWAYS have to be the sexy version of whatever their costume is… even if it’s something really innocent like a nun). Italians believe that Halloween costumes must adhere to the classic monster-type ones. This is because Italians already have another dress up holiday called Carnevale where they dress up as Clowns, Darth Vader, or Slutty Cleopatra (some things don’t change between America and Italy). So for them, Halloween costumes should be “monstery” in nature.

Try as I may, I can not seem to convince my Italian friends that dressing up as Mario of the Super Mario Bros. is not against the Halloween rules (and I’ve persuaded/forced my boyfriend to be Luigi… I know, I know, how f-ing cute right?!!??!).

I think I may need to put a “GAME OVER” sign on the overalls of my Mario costume, put some black circles under my eyes, and add a trickle of blood running from my mouth in order to convince my Italian friends to be seen with me on Halloween. I mean, Dead Mario is hardly as classic as Frankenstein’s Monster, but its closer right?



4 thoughts on “I can be Lady Gaga if I want to

  1. This may shock you, but I’ve NEVER been a sexy version of ANYTHING for Halloween. My Halloween histories include but are not limited to; q-tip (the fancy kind with the blue handle), the night, and a very unsexy Frankenstein (I made the mask myself).

    • I’ve seen pictures of your Frankenstein costume Hilary… I agree that the mask was nasty, but I think the fact that you were completely nude from the waist down puts your costume in my “slutty” category….

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