Italian Hand Gestures – Part 1

Ciao a tutti, belli e brutti!

Hand gestures are such an intricate part of Italian life, that I thought it necessary to include some on my blog.

Here below, you can watch the first in my series of Italian hand gesture videos.

Between these videos and my Italian phrasebook, I’ll have you talking and gesticulating like a bona fide Italian in no time!


18 thoughts on “Italian Hand Gestures – Part 1

  1. Love it! Can’t wait for the next one. I wish I could popularise this in London – it’s always good to have another gesture to give to other drivers.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s brilliant, Gee.. Brilliant!
    Looking forward to more videos!!!! Can’t stop laughing, haha!!!!!!!
    Xoxo, Dee

  3. Garrett, Buon Giorno(?) You are amazing, handsome, talented, knowledgeable and funny and I just love seeing your beautiful face after all these years. I am happy to see you are living a wonderful life in ITALIA. CIAO baby!

  4. LOL I love this gesture! I have a friend from Bari that lives by the gesture!

    And just for interests sake: This hand gesture in Arab countries means wait. When I arrived in Abu Dhabi I asked someone for help and they did this gesture… Well I didn´t take it to well and complained to one of my colleagues who then told me that the gesture does not have the same Italian meaning in Arab countries. Soon I was using it too which really threw of family and friends when I went back home!

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