Somethin’ Fishy Is Going On

Hey guys! I just wanted to thank all my blog readers for following my adventures during these last 5 months.

Unfortunately, I won’t be writing anything else. My blog is being taken offline. Apparently the “powers that be” have a problem with an outgoing American living in Italy and writing a blog about his thoughts, ideas, interests, and observations.

Time to wrap it up kids!

So, this is it. It’s been fun, but now I gotta run.




I’m just kidding! I love keeping up my blog and I have no intention of quitting now! You can’t get rid of me that easily! ๐Ÿ˜›

Today, being April 1st, is April Fish day in Italy! It’s like April Fool’s day in the USA… ‘cept for with fish… and in Italy…

Nobody is really sure where Pesce d’Aprile (April Fish) originally got started (or at least none of the sources that I found on the internet could explain why!).

All I know is that you’re supposed to play pranks on people, so I chose you guys!

Pesce d’Aprile

I’ll be back soon with some more underwear changin’, don’t you worry!


20 thoughts on “Somethin’ Fishy Is Going On

    • Not a bad prank, huh? I only hope that some people don’t just read the first few lines and then cancel my blog from their favorites list without ever finding out that it was just a joke!!!!

  1. You had me fooled for a moment……then it clicked APRIL FOOL’S DAY … how many fish-shaped biscuits have you scoffed my dear friend?
    I look forward to reading your next article!

  2. dai garrett non si fanno queste cose.. !
    se perรฒ lasci la bandiera italiana sulla tua pagina web troppo a lungo magari qualche iscritto alla lega nord
    ti puรฒ fare un attacco informatico al blog..non si sa mai..
    stรฒ scherzando! buon primo aprile, silvia

  3. Pingback: i like how i look better early in the day. why?

  4. Hi Garrett

    I was delighted to find you yesterday. Am a Kenyan….and visiting Italy is top priority on my list. Currently saving up for it. I always say that if I was not born Kenyan…my second choice would have been to be Italian – and actually there a number of cultural similarities – specifically with the tribe am from ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway…will keep up with your blog and get to learn as much of Italy (the real stuff) as possible prior to my visit. Keep it up.

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