Italian Hand Gestures – Part 4

Here’s another vlog* for you guys: the Italian hand gesture for “That is perfect! That is precise!”

* Vlog means “video-blog” in internet-dork jargon. (I recently learned that myself!) πŸ˜€


24 thoughts on “Italian Hand Gestures – Part 4

  1. “Hey, Garret!”

    First time experiencing you “live.” You are awsome!! Would really to meet you the next time that I’m in MIlan. I’m new to your blog, so I’m going back to check your previous hand gesture entries. Thank you so much for doing this! You really are helping us Italiano-philes.

    Diane AKA Dianetta

  2. Thanks Garrett, I’d never seen that one before. Just please don’t ever do it in Turkey !

    The same hand sign, usually displayed at extended arm’s length somewhat diagonally in front of the hip or a bit higher up with the elbow slightly bent, indicates that the person you are referring to (male) enjoys being….um….on the receiving end.

    Not knowing that, I once made the “okay” sign to someone across the street. Although slightly different from the local version, it was close enough to send the people around me into a near panic “Don’t do that ! Don’t do that ! You’ll get yourself killed !”

    I guess we learn something new every day.

    • How effing gay is Turkey??!!? I mean, they actually have a hand gesture for that??!?

      Also, thank you for your decorum when it came to explaining what this hand gesture means in Turkey! πŸ˜‰

  3. I would say it’s similar to the US “finger” or the Italian “mano fico” except that these are suggestions (sort of) and the Turkish version more of a supposition.

    Closer in meaning to the finger / fig, and a bit more dramatic, would be the “shoving one fist through another” gesture. Nevertheless, these gestures and their use are considered to be extremely rude and they reflect badly on the person using them more than anything else.

    In defense of Turkey I would have to say that it is home to some of the most civil, hospitable and polite people I have ever met (unless they’re behind the wheel – see Jack’s blog for more details). You just don’t want to insult anybody or get out of line because the sanctions for doing so can be rather painful.

    This has the pleasant side effect that even those who may be tempted to be dolts think twice before doing so, making the public domain a much nicer place to be for everyone.

  4. Hey Garrett! Great video! Love the explanation of the “perfect” gesture… Lol!
    I’m an Americano in Milano too but been here 13 years with my italiano…. Amazing how time flies!
    I subscribed and look forward to future installments of your funniness!

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