Italian fashion(able) police

Italians have many more branches of the police than we Americans do.

We have, what, just the local police and state police? Am I missing any here? Luckily, I haven’t had much experience with the police in America, so I’m not too sure.

Well Italians have lots of different types of police strolling around town – 8 to be exact. The only ones that I can think of right now are the polizia (civil police), carabinieri (military police) guardia di finanza (financial guard), and polizia di stato (state police), though that’s only half of ’em.

Honest to God, I’ve been living in Italy for almost 6 years now and I still have no idea exactly what each different faction does or who the hell I would call in case of need. Luckily, I haven’t had much experience with the police in Italy either.

If you want more details on all the different types of Italian police, check out the Wikipedia page because  I am definitely not the right guy to be teaching you about these things. I’m not here to give you all the specifics on what roles the Italian police fulfill, but rather I wanted to tell you about how gosh-darned snazzy they are! Not only does their fleet include the super-cool Lamborghini police car (no, that picture at the beginning is not a fake!), but they are always dressed to the nines!

Rumor has it that either Valentino or Armani have designed some of the different types of police uniforms being used today in Italy. Neither the Italians that I’ve spoken to, nor my research on the internet has been able to officially prove or disprove this, so I guess I should just chalk it up to a possibly true urban legend. (If any of you readers have any knowledge on this, please let me know). However, it certainly could be true, I mean look at these tailor-fit fashionable Italian police uniforms:

Excuse me, how friggin’ Italian are these last two policemen? Smoking cigarettes, dark chopper sunglasses, tight pants, and a hand gesture that seems to say “why’s this guy gotta bust my chops!”. It’s stereotypically delicious!


24 thoughts on “Italian fashion(able) police

  1. I can’t believe you have the balls to post things about Italy when you damn well know you are in NYC right now. Garrett – I don’t know you. Get out of my life.
    -B-town ’98

    p.s. – Is that last cop stashing an Italian salami in his uniform?

  2. The picture looks like an out take from a porn film. Turkey has at least five different police forces. We have the traffic police, tourist police, port police and the Jandarma (who are conscripts) and the real mccoy called simply Polis.The uniforms are terrible and usually baggy. Even the best body looks like a sack of potatoes in them. In Britain we have the the police and that’s it – easy.

  3. Lol, I can add “Guardia Forestale”, “Polizia Ferroviaria”, “Polizia Penitenziaria” and “Polizia Municipale” to the list, but I’m quite sure there are more 🙂

    About the uniforms, I think Italian fashion designers are definitely involved, surely in high uniforms of Carabinieri, that include also helmets with long fake hair 🙂 😛 and yes, this is sooo gay 😉

  4. Grazie Garrett for the clarification! I just returned from 2 weeks in Italy with friends and the first question they asked was what’s up with all the different police. And, yes, they all look smashing in those uniforms, especially on horseback or a motorcycle!

  5. I swear the last time I was in Milan, I got checked out more by the carabinieri than anyone else, and not because I was doing anything questionable. Who do you turn to when the police are the lecherous pigs? 😉

      • Ah, it’s easy! You have a problem with Police (civil police)? Call the Carabinieri. You have a problem with Carabinieri? Call the Police! They have the same relationship of people from Modena and people from Bologna: enemies till the end! (ho provato a scrivere in un inglese decente, e questo è il risultato. Spero di non aver vandalizzato troppo la vostra povera grammatica, né di aver fatto venire un colpo apoplettico a un qualche lettore di passaggio…)

    • Was that an obscure 80’s music reference? And what is your code name about this time? I must say that “Two Fiddlers and a Fog” is a bit more cryptic than “Tony the Tiger” or “Billy Be Bop”…

  6. I’ve been living in Milano for almost 3 months now. The police here are a joke! The pictures that you posted were probably the best out there.

    The police are always looking sloppy, especially the carabinieri. They are almost all out of shape, they smoke in uniform, they don’t shave, and they don’t do a damn thing.

    Some of my best friends are police officers in America, Highway Patrol and San Diego PD. They truly put these guys to shame.

    Just last night I was driving behind the carabinieri, who were behind an obviously drunk driver and they did nothing! He was all over the road, ran stop signs and crossed the middle line at least 6 times.

    They may be fashionable, but when you really need help, who the hell are you going to call?!
    I’m absolutely disgusted by the police here.

    Thanks for the post though. I like the blog.

    • Ciao Ryan!

      I hear you on that. I said they were fashionable…. I never said that they were particularly good at doing their jobs! (I’ll probably have another post all about that).

      Italian police seem to lack the authority and “go get ’em-ness” that American cops do. But they look damn good doing it! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. See you around Milan! 🙂

  7. So funny! We snapped a few photos of Italian polizia in Florence when we were there a few weeks ago. I loved their headgear most of all! My favorite one reminded me of my high-school marching-band helmet.

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