A whole year of blogging!

Today marks one year since I started my blog! Yay! (Cheering! Confetti! Expensive gifts!)

It’s been a fun and fulfilling experience thus far and I hope you guys look forward to more, because I know I sure do!

My first year blogging has seen me tackle the tough issues from Italian hand gestures, cinema, and Halloween, to Italian driving, supermarkets, and bidets. I delve in deep so you don’t have to! 😉

Some of you readers have been following me for a good year now, some of you are newer, and some of you just stumbled upon my blog while Google searching for “gay Halloween pizza”. (It’s true! My blog stats once showed that somebody arrived at my blog by searching for that term … I wonder what the heck they hoped to find…).

Anyways, I wanted to open it up to you guys for a minute. Any suggestions, ideas, requests that you would like to see on this blog? Leave me a comment below! Remember though that all topics have to relate somehow to Italy or my experience as “an Americano guy living in Italia” …. also, I won’t get naked on this blog, so don’t waste your time asking!

Thanks to all of you readers! It’s been a great blogging year!

– Garrett

To see where it all began, click here: FIRST BLOG ENTRY EVER!


29 thoughts on “A whole year of blogging!

  1. Garrett
    Just wondering about the drug scene over there. I work in the counseling field here in the US and know how bad it is. Any concerns there about illegal drugs? What is the Govt’s position on illegal drugs?
    Just wondering

    • Well, I’m hardly the expert on this topic but I do know that illegal drugs are still … well … illegal. However you can see people smoking hash even on the streets or in front of bars at night. Not always or everywhere, but it does happen (and I’ve never seen THAT in America). It is still illegal, but people don’t seem as freaked out about it here. For other “harder” drugs, however, I feel like you could still get into trouble just like in America. Again, I don’t personally know, but I’m pretty sure that getting caught with cocaine or tabs of acid would not be a good thing!

      My general feeling (based on what I’ve seen and lived) is that the drug problem is less of an issue in Italy than it is in America.

      • Thanks Garrett. That was my feeling as well. I didn’t think that as a country they were as wound up as the US.

  2. Buon Blog-compleanno! I would like to read about a foreigner trying to cope with Italian bureaucracy (post office, paying taxes – if you do it 🙂 – utility bills etc.).

  3. Congratulations! A year seems very far away being just at the start of my blogging career as it were! Your blog looks great, hopefully I will start to play around with links etc when I get more comfortable with using WordPress. Thanks again for reading my blog you’re an inspiration!

  4. Well just getting in under the wire. You’re blog is hilarious and I know I’m a little, well a lot, late to the party but anyway, happy 1 year and some months of blogging! It reminds me of many a winter walk together discussing the various cultural subtleties that were so very confusing while Italians stopped and stared at our travel mugs and sometimes heckled us. It also reminds me of the many times you dropped trow in public to show off your patriotic underpants, Italian and American both.
    I have a lot of topics that I would recommend covering on your blog but it seems the public is clamoring for more in depth coverage of gay, halloween, pizza…I say, give them what they want! Love ya buddy, keep up the good work and happy new year!

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