The Vending Machine of Sin

Today’s post revolves around a picture that I took with my iPhone while walking around the streets of Italy.

This curious little thing is called Enjoy Box. It’s a fun and colorful vending machine quietly peddling its wares. What wares doth it peddle, you ask me (in a weird olde-timey accent).

Well, our trusty Enjoy Box sells three things:

  1. Condoms
  2. Lighters
  3. Rolling Papers
Number 1 is obviously geared towards the sexually active segment of the market and I don’t think numbers 2 and 3 are really aimed at cigarette smokers (given the hippy 1960’s peace sign flowers adorning its body), but rather smokers of a different substance. That being said, I think “Enjoy Box” is an apt enough name for this sex and drugs vending machine of sin.

I really get a kick out of these things. When I lived in Bologna I would see them more often (with Bologna being a university city and all), but they were harder to spot here in Milan, so I was overjoyed to come across one the other day and felt that I just had to share it with you guys!

What, you don’t believe me about these contraptions? Well then, click on the smiley emoticon here to see the website that sells these joyous fun-time devices. 😛

If you ever find yourself in a bind in Italy and desperately need condoms or drug paraphernalia please remember two things:
  1. Have fun and be safe
  2. Enjoy Box doesn’t give change

14 thoughts on “The Vending Machine of Sin

  1. Is that the condom package with the red hot pepper logo on it? What a strange thing to put on condoms, unless they are meant to “spice up” your sex life…

      • The ban on cigarettes is pretty recent in Switzerland. The age limit was 16 (now it’s 18), but you had vending machines (like the one I photographed) in stations without any kind of age control….. Now that these machines only sell condoms and rolling papers, there are still the “traditional” vending machines like that can be found in most restaurants and clubs, but with an age control system (generally special coins that you have to ask at the bar)

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