Gay Flurries

It seems as if a homosexual blizzard has hit Italy, dumping gay snow all over the streets! That’s right, it’s Carnevale time once again here in Italy!

I love how at this time of year you can see colorful confetti all over the place! It’s so fun and is definitely one of my favorite little things that I enjoy about this country!

Buon Carnevale a tutti! 

Confetti on the streets of Italy

Gay snowstorm collage


10 thoughts on “Gay Flurries

  1. Gay flurries, indeed, in Rome as well. I was there last week and it was great fun to see the carnival activities getting started. the kids were all dressed up in costumes, and confetti cheered up the wet cobblestones and pavement. Now that I see your photos, I wish I had taken some like that myself. Next time.

  2. I confetti che dici si chiamano “coriandoli” dalle mie parti 😀 dehihiho
    Little tiny Italians throw it to people around the streets during Carnevale, I did it too, is a tradition! Menomale che non si tratta di pietre hehe!

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