A Green Thumb for Charity

A few weekends ago there was a flower/plant market in the trendy Brera neighborhood of Milan. This market, called Floralia, has loads of really nice flowers and plants for you to buy and the proceeds to go charity, with the money being donated to various Italian non-profit organizations. It’s hosted in piazza San Marco, in front of the church by the same name, and even the homeless people that the church shelters get involved in volunteering. I think this is a really cool idea! Go Italy!

You know how sometimes everything just comes together to make some experience really special? Well, that’s what happened here! It was just me and my boyfriend (he’s the one with the green thumb), a beautifully sunny day, lots of friendly people who explained how to best care for the plants, and lots of colorful flowers and lush plants filling the cute piazza in front of the church. I can’t put my (decidedly not green) thumb on what exactly it was, but I really enjoyed myself at Floralia.

“Great, thanks for telling me about this now that it’s over” say my Italian-based readers. Have no fear! Floralia takes place twice per year in the spring and the autumn. It’ll be back again September 29th and 30th, 2012 and I’ll sure be there!

“Great, thanks for telling me about a market that I can’t go to and even if I could how the heck would I get the plants back home” say my non Italian-based readers. Um .. well … can’t you just be happy for those of us living in Italy?!?!! Ok, fine, gimme your address and I’ll look into the legal complications of shipping you plants!

Here are some colorful photos I took of the Floralia market. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “A Green Thumb for Charity

  1. I’m lusting after all those plants and would bankrupt myself at a market like that. But with no soil to plant anything in, all I can do is look at those photos and lust some more.

  2. Floralish-ish!
    As a ‘non living in Italy’ person I will just have to enjoy the beautiful pictures!

    • Well, we have basil, thyme, and rosemary on our balcony and many of our neighbors do too. I think that most Italians would opt for fresh herbs on their balconies and in their gardens, rather that that freeze-dried crap that they shake on everything in Medford! 😛

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