Grabbing milk and bread … in heels!

Something like quickly running to the store just for milk and bread or popping by the ATM to withdraw 50 bucks is an easy and effortless task in America. You throw on a pair of somewhat clean sweatpants and a backwards baseball cap over your messy hair, head out, do your thing, and you’re back home in a jiffy.

Not so in Italy! Italians, as we all well know, are a fashionable bunch. Italians will take the time to comb or pull back their hair, apply some make-up or moisturizer, and choose a casual but well-thought-out outfit for such a menial task. Even running to the corner store is an opportunity to show what you’re workin’ with (or break in your new Armani shoes)!

Let’s turn to the world of celebrities to help me underline my point.

Here’s Britney Spears looking sloppy and disheveled:


And here is Italian celebrity Ilary Blasi lookin’ good ’round the neighborhood:

Hot damn!

Shall we play “spot the difference”? 😉


20 thoughts on “Grabbing milk and bread … in heels!

  1. This reminds me of an incident described in Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard. It’s early morning and our Australian heroine is in sweats and says to her French boyfriend she’s popping to the corner bakery for a baguette. He says she can’t go dressed like that and she asks him why not. His answer: “It’s not very nice for the baker!”

    I so loved that answer, and it really says something about the issue. As in Italy, maybe it is about respect for others who have to look at you. Who knows.

    I lived in Armenia for 6 years. My cleaning lady came to work all dressed up in her best. She’d change to clean house, then dressed up again and walked out of my gate. For all the world she would have been drinking tea out of china cups with me, If I had china cups, that is 😉

    The world is a fun place.

    • I don’t know, I have a feeling that the Italians dress up more for themselves then for others. I go out with a dirty backwards baseball cap though, so I’m sure as heck not the one to ask!

      Thanks for sharing the book scene and your own account of your impeccable cleaning lady. Your comments always add something to my posts! 🙂

  2. Probably you’ve never seen me… I’m Italian and live in Milan – “the city of fashion” – but i’m the least fashionable guy all over this country

    And most of all – your two pairs of underwear are much more fashionable than my torn “Sloggi” ones. My last time shopping was just after WW2, I guess…

    Nice blog, man 🙂

    • Ahaha! Thanks Andrea (for stopping by and for the comment). Also, you’ve got some great English!

      I’ve never seen “Sloggi” undies before. Are those the ones you buy at Lidl? 😉

      • No, not exactly. You can find them in those tiny and old-fashioned shops called “mercerie”… Heard of that before? It’s something very Italian, but you won’t find such shops in Milano… You need to go to some little village. Some years ago you could buy Sloggi undies even at Rinascente, but now it’s some “rarity”…

        My #2 choice is Tezenis: cheap, but a bit more fashionable 🙂

  3. I wish I could be more like the Italians. My grandmother always used to say look your best when you’re out because you never know who you’re going to run into. There have been plenty of times that I go out looking like Britney (ok, ok…not THAT bad) and I run into an ex boyfriend and his gorgeous girlfriend or something and remember her words. Kill me!

  4. How true…As Italian Expat in a mostly-British-influenced Sandbox, I slowly slipped into less fashionable “grocery shopping outfits”. The problem is that now I just don’t fit in either country… too posh for the Sandbox, too shabby in Italy.

    Best quote ever: walking in the city centre of Verona in standard jeans&t-shirt and minding my business, I run into a girl I know (braindead fashionista):

    “A., OMG! What happened to you? I thought you were making good money in the Gulf!”

  5. People over here constantly perceive me as a hyppie (zingari), because i’m brown, got black messy hair and not forgetting my comfortable attire.
    There have been countless suspicious stares when I ride my shiny white btwin on the streets 😦
    But every time I meet a friend or talk over the phone in English, especially in the metro,people around, give me a perplexed,petrified look which I love by the way. Makes me feel like, I’ve shattered their perceptions and scored a high score on bubble breaker. (lo so, sono cattiva..qualche volta)

    However, most Italians do look good no matter what they wear, whether Armani suits or old Sloggies 😀

    Love your blog…

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