Full-Bodied and Distinctively Fascist

I took these pictures at a restaurant in Milan (with Instagram, of course). I was enjoying dinner and the company of friends when I noticed these insane bottles of wine! Can you see ’em? They have images of Mussolini and fascist propaganda!  Pazzesco! I’ve never seen anything like that ever before!

The buzz of several glasses of fascist wine prompted me to bring a bottle home, more out of curiosity than anything else. The girl at the restaurant who sold me the bottle asked me if I wanted a bag to carry it home. I told her that I was all set, and she responded, firmly but gently, “Take a bag. It’s better that way. You may piss some people off if they see you with that thing on the street.”

Yikes! What have I gotten myself into? I’m going to have to take the label off and flush it down the toilet before I place the empty bottle in the recycle bin!


23 thoughts on “Full-Bodied and Distinctively Fascist

  1. Wow. I know my boyfriend has complained about the rise of neo-fascists and the fascism apologists, but now it’s even as “mainstream” as wine bottles? Yikes! I think the girl at the restaurant was right to firmly suggest the bag! 😉

  2. I actually read about this a week or so ago. Apparently an American laywer (of course) was vactioning in Italy and saw a bottle with Hitler on it ! They are produced by Vini Lunardelli. I guess it was pulled from the shelf of the store he saw it in and is being “looked in to”. 😉

    • Uh-oh! “Looked in to” can’t be good! Although I do find these fascist wines a bit crazy and offensive, I really don’t think that somebody who is in Italy just on vacation should bother “making a stink”* about it.

      * UGH! I hate the saying “to make a stink“, but I thought it was the best way to express what I wanted to say here.

      • I agree…although offensive do we really need to get so serious on vacation. I think not my friend ! 😉

  3. Garrett, the bottle of wine you bought with the protrait of Mussolini exists in several versions…there’s one for Stalin and Lenin too and if you go a bit further there are bottles with labels of famous soccer players as well (Maradona for instance). It’s all a publicity prank for a wine maker in Reggio Emilia (I seem to remember) that has found a way to sell off his not so great wine. Of course he had to be politically correct. It all started many years a go with a wine maker of Lambrusco from the same region that was called Lambrusco di Stalin. It was produced for nostalgic comunists and to be sold at the annual festas of the Italian Comunist Party. It started a fad that exists still today. In most cases the bottles are used as prank gifts and although some take them for nostalgic symbols most Italians do not take them seriously at all, (Thank heavens).

    • Ciao Leo, and thanks for the back story! I must admit that the label on the bottle was certianly more noteworthy than the wine itself. However, even as a prank, I think it is decisamente di cattivo gusto (in bad taste)!

  4. Yes, in Italy some people are nostalgic for Mussolini (ecc…ecc..) but these kind of people just do it for rebellion against “ben pensanti” (idealists) and so on, we just think they are so stupid they don’t deserve attention! Or just they don’t know very well Italian History and they are used to think Mussolini had done more good thing than bad. Che cretini!
    (Sorry for bad English)

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