You need a Fashion Shower

Self-declared  Italian fashionista Anna Dello Russo decided to dabble in dancy EuroTrash to promote her new line of products for H&M. This is the result…

This song is totally a guilty pleasure and it’s fun and catchy, but the English is really horrendous and the video will change your life forever (whether for good or bad I’m still not sure). I can’t get enough of “Fashion Shower“, but watch the video below and decide for yourself.


Fashion is… my… alphabet.

I am the guardian … I am the guardian of fashion.

You need a Fashion Shower.


20 thoughts on “You need a Fashion Shower

  1. She is right. There are definitely people who need a fashion shower. And I fully intend on using THAT as an insult. WTF? coat as a dress? yes please.

  2. Never heard about that woman before. Saw her pic on wikipedia and was a bit scared of her. Anyway, I apologize on behalf of the Italian people for the way this woman ‘uses’ the English language. I’m really sorry.

  3. Lesson no. 3 – Fashion is uncomfortable, if you are comfortable you never get the look.
    Well, guess what? I’m always comfortable, which means I never get the look.
    Do I need a fashion shower? I think I’ll take a rain check.
    I enjoyed it, looks like a Gaga & Minaj video remix gone bad.

  4. OMG, looks like something out of Zoolander… All that bling is a bit too much even for my “absolutely bling” Gulf standards (I am typing on Golden laptop, enough said).
    One word: disturbing!

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