Time to change my underwear

Unpacking in our new apartmentHow often do you guys change your underwear? My mother would expect the answer to be “every day”. I guess she’d be appalled to know that I’ve finally just changed my underwear again after a little more than seven and a half years. About time, huh? 😉

Ok, ok, I’m not talking about real underwear, and if you thought I was then I’m pissed at you for thinking so low of me (although sometimes I do skip a day … or two … sorry Mom!). I’m speaking in the metaphorical sense. I mean “changing underwear” as “stepping into a new culture“. My very first blog post initially talked about this (and sort of explained the title of the entire blog). I think it’s kind of a cool way of thinking about it, though if you asked me for some riveting story behind how I came up with that metaphor, then you’d be sorely disappointed. I was just brainstorming for a name for my blog and happened to have my own pair of stars and stripes undies and a pair of Italian boxer-briefs that I had bought to take home to my brother as a Christmas gift. I thought to myself “well, it’s certainly more fun than taking a picture of myself with two flags”, and there you have it. A blog was born! But I digress…

My original blog banner ... it's gonna have to be reworked now

My original blog banner … it’s gonna have to be reworked now

Crazy but true. After all these years I’m leaving Italy. Actually, I’ve already left. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this directly from our new apartment in Zürich, Switzerland!Zürich Map

What happened? Did I get sick of Italy? Certainly not! I love Italy very much and it will always have a special place in my heart. What happened is that my boyfriend got relocated for work. I’m always up for new adventures (that and the fact that we’re in love and want to stay together). So here I am in the land of chocolate, skiing, and fondue.

What does this mean for the blog and for you, dear blog readers? It only means more exciting stuff! The blog shall go on! It’s going to have to undergo some restyling graphically and in terms of its set-up, but we’ve come too far now to just let it fall into online obscurity! I’ll still be writing about life and experiences in Italy because I’ve still got lots to say about it. However, there will also be posts on life in Switzerland as well. Bonus! I’m also going to try and add a German Phrasebook to the Italian one, but you guys have to give me a bit of time with that one. I mean, I’m just beginning to learn German myself!

Thumbs UpAnyways, I want to thank all of you for your support, comments, and inspiration. I need to ask you for a bit of patience these days as I get my life sorted out and settled into Switzerland. I promise that I have not forgotten about you and there is definitely good stuff on its way.

I’ve had a litte more than seven and a half great years in Italy. I’ve fallen in love, made amazing friends, experienced and learned so much, and had a ton of laughs along the way. Grazie Italia. Grazie di tutto!

Now, let’s get into this new pair of underwear and see what it has in store for us!Swiss Underwear


45 thoughts on “Time to change my underwear

  1. From Italian chic to Teutonic precision, good luck in your new Alpine home. I can just see you in a lovely pair of lederhosen (oh that’s Bavaria really but it’s not that far).

  2. My experience with Zurich goes back many years and I don’t have a very fond memory of the people. For some reason I decided to speak to the people in Italian and I was continually buffed….in some bars I was even asked to leave. This was many, many years ago , I hope your experience will be warmer and friendlier….try speaking English at first, use your Italian at home…..Best of luck to both of you,
    Leo Forte

  3. Good luck Garrett! I’ve only been to Zurich once, and I was struck at how clean everything was!! I hope the transition from the chaos of Italy isn’t too traumatic! 🙂

  4. And in that 7 and a half years later, I didn’t make it over to visit you 😦 … I am so excited for your new adventure and will definitely come visit! Love you!

  5. See you in Zurich on September 27th at 11:00AM. Yup. Tickets and new underwear have been purchased. Can’t wait to hear and experience about the US vs. Switzerland vs. Italy!!!!

  6. wow, good luck with that!! Can’t wait to read about your new adventures in Zurich (especially considering I’d like to move in Swiss too!)! 😀

  7. oh no!!! just come across that awesome blog, enthusiastic at the idea of findin’ out how foreigners judge us, italiani brava gente (…)…and you are movin’ away?! such a pity. but I won’t stop readin’, I am actually literally stuck over here! Ciao da Torino > pretty popular after the Olympic games and because of our chocolate, too. Strong competition with that of zurich, indeed, but up to u to judge 🙂

  8. Volendo citare la mia ex-prof. di latino:
    “mutande, dal latino mutans,mutandis, quindi sì, dovete davvero cambiarvele tutti i giorni, ragazzi miei!”

  9. Congratulations and all the best for your new adventure. You’re basically “reversing” through my life. I was born in Switzerland then moved to Italy etc. As I learned Swiss German as a child and still master that impossible and rather pointless language, I can’t wait to see you trying to put together a suitable Phrasebook 🙂

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