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When a round hits a target weight retention is important since there is only kinetic energy to move it. I thought it a good sd ammo, based on the fact that it would not over penetrate. The laws of physics can be bent. I did this because i continue to be impressed with the performance of the barnes all copper solid projectiles. An example of this behavior in action is the anti-gun establishment’s “common sense gun laws”. Flashy rounds tend to be expensive. The fbi performs all sorts of scientific tests to make sure that ammunition will work as designed when it encounters various barriers.

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9mm denim penetration test. Its like this so that people dont get away with murder. Now, as mentioned previously an invasion in your home brings different set of rules. Soft lead hollow points are fine, viable choices from revolvers but, again, those who try to learn and assimilate at least some data from the last 20 yrs know that you can also get expansion from jacketed loads in short barreled revolvers, e. The only rip in the rip is what happens to the money in your wallet when you buy that crap.


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Join the team and get awesome rewards at our patreon page: http://bit. To say that they were superior performers would be an understatement. For accuracy testing, i always try to use a handgun scope to eliminate sighting error.

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