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Thwarting villains dispatched by mad scientist dr. The episodes presented in this 2 dvd set are not only uncensored but extended, which helps flesh the series out, bringing it much closer to the type of series it appears the producers originally intended to make. Still, there is some limited dot crawl in some of the reds but other than that, the video looks as good as can be expected. They wrote for several failed broadcast programs before.

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A not-so-brief history of adult animation [part 2 of 2]Anyone remembers this show they had a couple years ago, it had a japanese pikachu a princess a black slut and a superman, it was a reality show (cartoon) : adultswimA sequence from the unproduced betty boop feature


Adult swim betty boop. Created a genre and an era, adult swim is and was a key player in providing this genre with a direct audience and fan base. The show became such a success, it was picked up for new episodes on fox yet again. Some of the edited scenes helped to wash the taste of those out of my brain but there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here: just because you can do audio commentaries doesn’t always mean you. Some are entertaining while others are pretty useless. Were hurriedly scraped together to get on the air for the network’s launch.

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Especially when you have these extended versions, is that the characters never really get very interesting. None of these were bad enough that i wanted start pounding my head against the coffee table but a couple were close. Estimates a source close to the show.