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This supports other work that has found an association between sensation seeking and various risky behaviors, such as having concurrent partners and having sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol (. This suggests that the nes-hai association was confounded by sss. The current paper further explores the association between recent hai and other risk behaviors as well as sensation seeking in a sample of low-socioeconomic status (ses) men in long beach, california. To our knowledge, the current study is the first study to consider the association between hai and sensation seeking among men while controlling for other potential covariates. The preparation of this article was supported by award number p20md003942 from the national center on minority health and health disparities, award number r01da030234 from the national institute on drug abuse, and award number id10-csulb-008 from the california hiv research program. However, there have been discrepant results for hai among heterosexuals.

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Anal beach sex. All analyses were conducted using sas 9. Nes and sc was not significantly correlated with condom use (nes: In multivariate analyses, cocaine and amphetamine use during sex were both significantly associated with hai. Another contribution of this paper is that the analysis also examined specific drugs used in the context of sex and not just substance use in general. In general, the population who comes to cbrs for services is low ses and reports high rates of drug abuse. 40 there might be a concern about multicollinearity (. It is not surprising that those who seek out heightened stimulation and arousal would be more likely to have recent hai, and that those who are sexually compulsive are also more likely to have hai.


The lack of association in our sample could have been due to the extremely high rates of incarceration in our sample. Among women, the previous 90-day prevalence ranged from 10% to 22% of sti clinic attendees and 16% of substance-using club-goers (.