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The vaginal opening is called the vestibule of the vagina. The slang words in this thesaurus category appear below the table of contents. I picked this because it’s from the year i was born and also because apparently we’d just given up using actual words in the 80s. With nearly universal access to the internet, children typically encounter pornographic materials.

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Anothe word for vagina. Depends on your pube-stance, really. Oh what fun my boyfriends had with that. Why? who came up with this? what are you snatching? why are you snatching? One of the mysteries of the english language finally explained. Anyone that refers to the beauty of your vag as this deserves a quite literal axe wound.


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It was likely an english street word that came from the very unfortunately named. Slang for “female genitalia, vulva, vagina,” 1735, perhaps 1610s, of unknown origin. Rubbish name for an internet company, but grade-a vag material.

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