Are there fluids on the clitoris

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In such cases, it’s essential to get the opinion of a gynaecologist or endocrinologist (gland expert). In the basal or sexually quiescent state the smooth muscle of the vagina is active especially perimenstrually when it contracts periodically to expel the uterine/vaginal contents. This book is wonderful and has easy to understand explanations on the full range of female sexual anatomy and how to enjoy it to the fullest! it really opened my eyes to the vast amount of knowledge most of us never receive about our sexual wellness and pleasure. Fliegner, quoted by o’connell et al.

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Are there fluids on the clitoris. These vaginal smooth muscle contractions are normally not consciously recognized. The clitoris is a female sexual organ. Park et al have further examined the possible role for nitric oxide in the regulation of human clitoral corpus cavernosum smooth muscle contractility. If you’re curious to learn more i. All information is for educational purposes only. During every shower, a quick wash and rinse can help prevent buildup. The adventitia is rich in collagen and elastic, provides structural support to the vagina, and allows for expansion of the vagina during intercourse and childbirth.


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Isn’t a gland: it’s a sexual organ whole unto itself. Many women and girls enjoy touching, or having their partners touch their clitoris because this can be arousing and can also give them an. So how can we access this network and enjoy it to it’s greatest potential? first we need to know how to find it and that means going beyond the clitoris we can see.

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