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X when she was only 15. After auditioning for mnet superstar k, she got eliminated. This art was made specifically to be silk-screened onto a batch of 300 baseball shirts which lela paid for with a credit card and sold out of the trunk of her toyota corolla station wagon. All merged into one with an amazing skill. The young it-girl shares insane nail-art, candid shots with her gang but mostly killer outfits.

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Asian girl art. The show received high viewer ratings and a lot of success throughout east asia at the time. Like many korean it-girls, the 22-year-old appeared in a supporting role in korean drama young-pal. What is defined as “make up”? clearly these women were removing a latex prosthetic, and not just simple makeup. I am sure you are far from being the only one. Never saw anything creepier in my life. To feel that you can measure up to a particular set of high beauty standards.

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Daleast – international urban art figure

The mother character also begins to look more like how she appears today; with a polka-dotted muumuu and short curly hair. China, some people reach the whole new level of creativity regarding this matter. She inspires almost 2 million followers on her instagram and keeps surprising her youtube fans with amazing transformation like her jaw-dropping taylor swift look.