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No, you are not gay if you shave any part of your body regardless of what some think. Shigellosis is an intestinal disease that causes bloody diarrhea, stomach pain, a fever and the constant need to poo even when your bowels are empty. And many agree that our behavior, orientation, and identity are to a greater or lesser degree fluid and can change throughout our life. It’s a particular challenge to field these messages when friends and family are the ones transmitting them.

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Do gay men have butt hair. When i saw other guys getting bushy pubic hair, i would practically explode in my pants. Even if you and your partner are fine with your butt being more natural (not douched), washing the outside makes the whole experience better. Now, as an adult who has worked in porn for five years, frost says that the industry is his primary community, making it very easy to openly discuss prep. It leaves you smooth for several weeks and i’ve never had an issue with uncomfortable stubble or sand paper crack when it starts to grow back, maybe because it kills the root of the hair so its softer when it starts growing back. The best i know is a couple of pages by goldstone’s. There are two rings of muscles in your butt. While on fire island last summer, my friend ben and i were chatting by the pool when the conversation suddenly turned secretive and deep: we broached the myth of the “spontaneous bottom” and proceeded to shatter it with our personal backstage confessions.


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Why go there? without consulting each other about anal sex, we lack the best tips for safety, cleanliness and achieving maximum pleasure, a problem for the young and/or sexually inexperienced, who may have to endure unnecessary confusion, embarrassment or pain during intercourse. Or so many within the gay community think. The almighty madonna shits, as well.

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