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Fetish fantasy series beginner s enema make enemas fun again with the fetish fantasy beginner s squeeze enema. Enema bulb without tip: 5. 5 inch / 12 cm x 1 cm (long attachment). It features a long rubber tube and funnel to ensure you won’t miss a drop. Compatible with all travel shower shot components.

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Enema fetish funnel. 25 inch/17 cm x 3 cm (graduated attachment). Everything takes its course, directly, without mercy, without wasting a single drop. The medical-style squeeze ball is soft, pliable, and made from 100% medical-grade elite silicone. 25 inch /8 cm x 1 cm (standard attachment). The extra long enema tube is 11 inches and can be insert up to 11 inches. All store items on sale.

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5 inches in length and 4. 4 cm = 1.