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Your goal is to get on the board of directors. But, as you take practice tests, you will start to find that there are three or four types of questions that seem to come up very frequently. After you’ve met your targets, asked them about their business challenges, later you can to go back and ask yourself, “did this work? did i get a new file?” i recall working with a lawyer who was spending money on radio ads, and he was reaching a huge number of people, but he examined his new clients and none of them came from the radio. In fact, in exams where you do well, you will find that you aren’t even referring to your outline at all during the exam. It helps if you have already started to tackle your area of weakness as this can provide some valuable evidence. All views on this blog are expressed in a purely personal capacity.

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Fist law techniques. The design department at lawlytics, working with the attorneys in their content creation department, have created some of the most beautiful and most effective law firm infographics i have seen, and at a price that is less than many of the providers out there that produce drastically inferior work. I did some work experience in a couple of law firms during my university holidays. Using their built-in reports and lead tracking, you can actually tell whether a blog post or piece of substantive content influenced a potential client in his or her decision to contact and hire your firm. If you know someone who has been through 1l before, and they are willing to help, take a full practice exam and get them to review it to give you tips. It does not make sense to just show up and shoot a video if it doesn’t match the information, tone and style of your website content.

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It’s incumbent upon you to get to know them better to see if you can generate additional files from them. If you can draft out a structure for answers to those questions, you will have a huge advantage in the exam.

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