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Guys have it easy, just aim and fire! Now you, too, can feel free in the great outdoors. 8658 e shea blvd. But if you decided “hay, who needs to train, hiking is the same as walking right?”, then aside from just struggling to make it through your hike, squatting to pee may prove to be difficult. Hold onto you pants so they don’t drop and get wet and then just. Could you do one on dealing with your period in the back country too? I found dthis very useful as i also like to sit when peeing.

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Girl peeing in bush. Like there could be people around, but if i’m mostly blocked off i’ll just do it anyway. I converted julie to a ski-day exterunirinarian as well. Only wipe when crapping. Hope this helps out. Register number: 04666380 (england and wales), vat no.

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And no, it’s not exciting. I go camping lots and i never want to risk any critters up my legs (or worse) so i pee standing up. Last time i peed in a flowerbed in the park with some female friends.