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He had compared his to others in gym class. Of the room so kurt could walk around him as he trimmed his hair. It was truly reassurance from a close friend, and later communicating with likeminded individuals which pushed me to finally make peace with this. I’d really love to see an academic study on this. His wish was granted. Anyways: mostly happy to see someone else into questioning what this fetish is all about and interested in taking a closer look at it.

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Haircut fetish gay. He’s okay with it. This is such an awesome response – especially the reading recommendations. To receive his lover’s cock into his body. Women tend to like longer hair on guys, but short hair has at times been associated with the military and masculinity. Women have diverse preferences. Vlad play with his genitals. Induction or uniform haircuts seem to be a common theme in other instances.



Another likely factor is that i am also into things, which are in my opinion, much more taboo and causing of cognitive dissonance than hair fetishism. Will you fuck me, kurt.