How can i get my wife to spank me

How to get my wife to spank me - quora

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I actually respected my wife and know i was learning how much wrath i was actually deserving to receive. A college coed told me about being spanked by her father after she smarted off to him during one of her visits home during her freshman year. I too often say to myself, “why did i ask for this?” but the feeling soon goes away as i get caught up in the moment. She uses a paddle and i must be in panties.

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How can i get my wife to spank me. At first i was very erect, and the feeling of being so close to her thighs was erotic. Nor, is it anything new. Married 27 years and our secret is my husband likes me to spank him! at first i thought it was strange, but soon discovered i liked doing it. When she feels that i’ve finally learned my lesson she stops and i stand in front of her while she scolds me and warns me about my unacceptible behavior. Fantasy and reality don’t always mesh.

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Maybe it’s time to talk frankly to a therapist. But what i want is for my wife to do this to me. You are commenting using your twitter account.