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Bronzer and blush bring back that radiant and youthful glow. When you’re over 50, the goal of applying makeup shouldn’t be to make you look younger. Don’t overdo the powder because it can make skin look flat and dead. This product gives a durable, creamy colour that is easy to apply with accuracy, and ends the day looking pretty much as it started. A very thin line will define your eyes without making you look too heavily made up. If your lashes are not as thick and lush as they used to be, you can get lash extensions at some salons.

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How mature women should use eyeliner. Blush should just be a pop of color as if you just came in from a brisk walk in the cold. Layer the primer between your moisturizer and foundation for extra benefits. I use black opal cover creme in the color of carob and black radiance powder in bronze glo. This is especially true if you have large lids. When it comes to makeup over 50, some of the rules you lived by in your 20s and 30s no longer apply. Beware of loopy, extreme glosses though and, instead, opt for a product that gives exactly the right amount of sheen for an elegant look. However, if you are not so blessed and your eyelids disappear when your eyes are open, then use eyeliner on the waterline and outer corners only.


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It creates a naturally smudged look that is fantastic. With filling in your eyebrows, draw the hair with short feathery strokes with a pencil your shade, but be careful not to do it too much at the beginning as it can make it look too harsh. Try it for yourself.

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