Kate moss is a piss head

Kate moss sister sits with former made in chelsea star pal who snorts suspicious white substance in the street at 11am


You’re going to feel a little peeved and picked-on when grubby paparazzi photographers stalk your every move and the tabloids make baiting and criticising you a national sport. We’ve received your submission. Despite the fact she apologized and went to rehab, she lost nearly all of her contracts. Of course, there are a few that are. It’s a 12-hour-day job. That was the point. The more wild a girl is today, the more people want her,” says davide sorrenti’s mother francesca.

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No more fuzzy heads

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Kate moss is a piss head. Because we want to see more of this. It makes me sick, so sick, that’s what they wanted. : sometimes you find excitement where you least expect it. The history of modern fashion is littered with examples of models who have been less wise. Less well known is that doherty is also an assiduous keeper of journals. Because elle macpherson was in her photo booth at her 19th birthday.

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Pip-pped to the post?

[stares off in the distance with a twinkle in his eye] okay [reads off paper], you do a dinner club. Doherty, 26, was sitting nearby, exposing his somewhat meaty upper torso. Another, who is an alcoholic, was sent away to rehabilitate and, on her first day back on the job, at eight in the morning, was offered a vodka by the photographer.

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