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Being a lesbian mom


They make me feel ashamed for being happy. I hope you’re doing all right and such. My mother and i have always considered ourselves to be a separate family from him, and she has always lied to him to protect me. I’ve known i was bi ever since i was little. Which peaked at no. If they believe a priest can “cure” you, they probably will never accept.

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Lesbian moms for cash. Even if i decided not to come out to them, but in future how should i react when they ask? cuz i’m planning to stay with my partner, i scared it might be suspicious? i’m so lost, all i want is to stay with my beloved forever. They are both in denial, like i am some moody child (i’m 19 now) looking for attention. Usually psychology today lets me know when someone responds to my blog. When you get older, it will get better. My advice is to take things slow and try to get some support. My parents were much less homophobic than that, and i still had many problems even when coming out after leaving them. The best thing about lesbian parenting is not simultaneous breastfeeding.

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I don’t want to feel so alone anymore. I can’t promise anything, but a lot of parents do adjust to this in time. I am a 12 year old (boy) and i have a huge crush on a boy in my class.