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They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but i think that’s just a scam from the ocular insulation people trying to get us to winterize. Well, the instant assumption is that this is either an unsightly person or at the very least a person who believes they are unsightly, which is a bit more depressing. Top and bottom lashes were coated with. The ultimate panacea, coconut oil has as much place in the kitchen as it does in your skin-care routine. Please click on the verification link we just sent you. Some very common habits just can’t be explained. With a shelf life that is too short, how to decide which product will actually be useful, and which will just be a showpiece in the dresser.

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Mascara eyes cum facial girls photos. But i just assumed amram was hip internet lingo. And it’s not shoes. This will help the lipstick stay on longer. But i think it would be great if we all started calling deliberately ugly photos “amrams,” because then i wouldn’t be alone in my stupidity. They’re either hoping that some of the hotness travels to them by osmosis or even that you mistake them for the hot one. What else? well, he’s probably also taking away part of his massive noggin with angles, because seeing him straight-on would just be too much damn face going on. Know what’s more depressing than reducing yourself to an eyeball? doing the exact same thing with shoes.

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15 essential makeup products that should be a part of every bride’s vanity

It’s always the ugly one. Here’s why it’s not your fault.

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