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Eighty-five percent of the respondents said they were comfortable more than ever before to talk about masturbation thanks to things like tv and movies that are making the subject less taboo. I masturbated once while taking a bath. I hadn’t started puberty yet, i know that much. I’m a dude, and i never felt it was appropriate nor societally condoned (if that’s a phrase) to discuss jacking off with my mates. One thing that is often overlooked when people first try vibrators is lubricant.

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Water play

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Masturbate in a bath. Oh, it’s so intense when i cum. Shower stalls can be a bit confining for this form of masturbation, but there is usually enough room to sit on the floor with your legs bent. One piece of advice is do not use soap as lubricant as it can cause the urethra to sting in males and some discomfort in females as well. And, interestingly enough, of those masturbating in their car, 35 percent were from the midwest. It feels so amazing and you get a rush from the water.


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A classic: the bath faucet trick

Come and check it out! Everytime i hear stories about female orgasms i’m convinced that periods, cramps, hormones, childbirth, etc. I position my clit right under the tap.