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I have two close friends who are in steady relationships, and one has never gone down on a girl in his life. People who say they have “guaranteed techniques” are either liars or just deluded. I’d be the shallowest asshole in the world if i stopped sex or broke up with a girl because she had a large labia or she wasn’t shaved or she tasted a little funny, things like that. Other times, it’ll be toward the end of sex, as a different way of helping her climax, as it’s something that makes her come deep and long. My face flamed and i felt my heart panic like a bird trapped in a cage that was miles too small.

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Men who lick clean cunts. Since it’s usually part of our foreplay, it’s normally followed up with penetrative sex. I don’t think my friends and i have ever even talked about it, let alone discussed the detail or technique. Caught jerking off, boss gives him clean up job. If it feels good, then nothing else will matter. But her orgasm was more rewarding with my tongue.

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I immediately baulked and snapped my legs shut. It’s not about the head, it’s about the build up and the teasing leading up to it.