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One was if their leg hair started coming in dark (they are all fair skinned) and not before age 12. Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone. Someone may also choose to shave their legs for reasons unrelated to external pressure; some, for example, like the way it feels against their sheets. Needs to and i want her to be safe about it. Vegan men often are teased or insulted for their choice. I help care for a 7th grader, she wanted to shave too, but her legs are a dark blonde, short, and few-n-far between hair; i gave her my story, she seems more comfortable with not shaving. Cristen: yeah, when we have this idea that things like body odor and bad breath and now underarm hair are things that a woman just should not associate herself with at all.

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Mom never shaved. To be honest it sounds as though your mum has either forgot how hard it is to be 14, or somehow miraculously managed to get through her teen years with a minimum of hurt. I shaved my legs and my arms. I started shaving my legs when i was about 12, but my hairs were very very dark. Molly: the spot for our next vacation together. We wanna hear from you.


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What age do you think is appropriate for little girls to shave their legs? my mom wanted me to wait until i was about 14 or 15 to shave, that was pretty embarrassing but i was a compliant child but this day and age it seems kids start doing everything earlier. Right now it’s winter so i really don’t need to shave.

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