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What an excellent article. This makes it difficult to implement properly. For example, not having clean clothes to wear is a logical consequence of not placing dirty clothes in the hamper. Should i start making her sleep in the kennel at night instead of on the couch or bed with me? should i take away all access to the bed/couch? can i lift her onto the couch when i want to love her? i pet her and she’ll roll over and put her paws up and start clawing at my face. If, as the article suggests, some subscribe to a skinnerian theory it would surely follow that people intuitively expect toddlers to be more influenced by parental conditioning than adolescents.

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Most painful ways to spank someone. And post using a hubpages network account. To the extent that spanking is stressful for children, this framework will predict that it may facilitate the development of later problems. Once they calm down, then i give them attention and affection. She heard that message.

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Animals as well as humans should both be respected as they deserve to be treated that way. In many nations, physical punishment of children has now been outlawed, even for parents.

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