Objects shoved into asshole

11 of the most bizarre foreign objects found up peoples bottoms | metro news


So i was just standing there, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then. An a&e worker described how a man came to hospital with a vibrating love egg stuck inside him. Trouble is, then the tongs got stuck, too! Well, this is the story: a while ago i got some drumsticks from my school and the local music studio and went home and stuck them inside my anus in an attempt to pleasure myself, but now i know to never do that again.

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Objects shoved into asshole. ] other objects reported are bulb, tube light, axe handle, broomstick, vibrators, etc. In fact, according to the data, for every woman who puts something inside her rectum, there are 37 men. So i was surprised to read they were real drumsticks! hopefully you were trying to use them to beat out a rock-and-roll rhythm on a full drum set that you shoved up your butt sometime previously. ) to try to push the toy out, or at least get it far enough down for you to reach it with two clean fingers. Some toys can also be sterilized by boiling them (or even putting them. I was merely a pawn in realising his sexual fantasies, which is certainly not in my job description.


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This looks fake, but ok. What happened to phillips could happen to anyone who doesn’t take proper precautionary measures.

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