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Utility vehicle speeding toward her. Did you not read the article? he said that obama has carried out the same plans that bush had “some of which are even worse than bush’s”. While iraq was a necessary war bush almost managed to lose it by not understanding it’s importance and allowing rumsfield and cheney to use it as a get richer quickly scheme. Both barack obama and george w. Bush launched his fall campaign sprint yesterday by telling voters “we need plain-spoken americans in the white house” — moments after he was caught calling a reporter a barnyard epithet. A young man lost both arms and.

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President bush ass hole. With nine weeks to go, both presidential candidates are engaged in a sweep across key battleground states. Not much worse than the other. Right-wing websites concocted a cynical (and grossly inaccurate) conspiracy theory about a woman who has accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. At a labor day rally in sept.


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I suppose a person can be both. Look i dont want to insult you so please back up what you are saying about the man.

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