Gay Flurries

It seems as if a homosexual blizzard has hit Italy, dumping gay snow all over the streets! That’s right, it’s Carnevale time once again here in Italy!

I love how at this time of year you can see colorful confetti all over the place! It’s so fun and is definitely one of my favorite little things that I enjoy about this country!

Buon Carnevale a tutti! 

Confetti on the streets of Italy

Gay snowstorm collage


Are you gay, or Italian? … Or both?

Well, I’d say that the guy over there with the glittery belt, tight package-showing jeans, bright pink t-shirt, perfectly blow-dried and flat-ironed hair, small diamond nose piercing, and Gucci man-bag is gay. Or, he’s Italian. Same thing.

It’s really hard to tell gay guys from “fashion victims” in Italy, and it’s been seriously screwing with my gaydar. The gay fashion and Italian fashion circuits are not mutually exclusive circles. (Oh my God! Did I just make a Venn diagram reference??! I suck at math! I’m proud of myself!)

slightly vagina-like Venn diagram

Now, of course I’m using stereotypes here when I talk about this particular type of gay man or Italian fashion victim. I’m the first one to get upset over stereotypes, so I just wanted to clear that up (though stereotypes are based on a bit of factuality that may hold true for some people). That being said, the fashion culture is so different between America and Italy. Italian guys (both gay and straight) tend to do things brighter and tighter than their American counterparts, and this can lead to some confusion for a gay American guy living in Italy.

I think that a straight, male, Italian, fashion victim wold have a hard time convincing any American girl that he wanted to go to bed with her, and not her brother. They really dress to impress, and put a lot of time and effort into how they appear. Think MTV’s Jersey Shore, only less “guido” and more gay. Now, sometimes a guy may be gay and Italian, but in the other cases it’ll certainly be a challenge trying to understand if the guy who’s dancing with Ray Ban sunglasses on, sipping a martini, and sporting a fake tan is homosexual or comes from bella Italia.

So, what does all this matter? Nothing! Who cares if someone is gay or straight or Italian or American? Not me! I just get a kick out of the fact that I could spend half my time going around Milan asking “Hey, are you into dudes, or are you just Italian?”

Really? You can be in a position of power and actually say that??!!

So, it’s hard for me to keep my blog always G-rated, cute, and not too “emotional” when something really burns my toast (that’s cute talk for “pisses me off”). Also, since soapboxing is one of my things, let’s get right into my first soapbox rant on my blog. Oh joy!

In short, this video (above) is a disgraceful clip from the speech of the a-hole Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio “I suck s#!t for a living” Berlusconi.

He is addressing the Italian media in response to the latest in a string of “illicit affairs” that have not only led to ruining his marriage, but also embarrassed the Italian government (and nation as a whole) time and time again.

In his speech he basically says that its “better to be a womanizer than gay”. Then, you can hear his dumb f!&k supporters laughing and clapping.

Berlusconi makes decisions and uses his power in ways that prevent me from being able to get married in Italy, yet has no respect for the so-called “institute of marriage” himself. He makes light of his own shortcomings and shamelessly makes public homophobic statements on national Italian television.

I this not 2010? Is Italy not a developed country?

This is really ridiculous s#!t guys. This type of stuff can NOT go on!

Am I right here? Or am I over reacting?