Instagram Addiction

Instagram ItaliaRagazzi, I have to tell you something. I’m addicted to Instagram. I first hinted at my addiction in a previous blog post, but now I think it’s full blown! I need help! I feel compelled to photograph everything I see, play around with filters and frames, and share them with the world. I think I’ve even gotten to the point where I actually consider myself a real photographer – one of the last symptoms of somebody with this type of addiction.

This addiction, unlike many others, does have a positive side to it: you guys get to see a bunch of pictures of Italy! So, revel in my dependency and enjoy the photo gallery!

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Italy thruough my eyes … or, rather, iPhone

There’s this new social network that I am totally addicted to! It’s called Instagram, and it’s amazing!

It’s an application for the iPhone where you can take pictures directly with your phone, play around with different filters and effects to make them look all cool and artsy, and then upload them directly to your Instagram account.

Being that I currently live in Italy, I’ve been using this application to document my life here. From my bathroom, to the train ride home from work, to the graffiti on my street corner – everything looks more picturesque with Instagram.

My username for Instagram is @ratpix, or you can follow me on Twitter because I post all my Instagram photos there too. My Twitter name is @GarrettMcK, and you should have already been following me anyways! 😛

For those of you who aren’t into social networks or aren’t iPhone users, I’ve created a slideshow here below of some of my Instagram photos, this way you can have some insight into my version of life in Italy. Enjoy!

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