Take a Hike

Swiss Hike

Fresh air, beautiful scenery, the tinkling of cow bells, and panic attacks. Ah, the joys of hiking!

I went on my first real hike in Switzerland a few weeks back. It was much harder, longer, and treacherous than I’d thought it would be. Honestly, it was explained to me as a “fairly easy, two-hour walk where you could even just wear good sneakers, if you didn’t have proper hiking boots.” And honestly, I wouldn’t have agreed to it had I known how hard it was really going to be. But honestly, it was a great experience and I’m proud of myself for having done (and survived) it. Also, it was October (my favorite month) which means we had the added bonus of leaves changing colors!

We were a group of 10 people, all together, and we went up the Appenzell Alps (a part of the Alps located in the gastronomically famous Appenzell region) to the Meglisalp guesthouse, where we spent the night eating local foods like spätzli (little dumplings) and cheese and drinking herb-infused Appenzeller liquor. The next morning, we worked our way back down the mountain to the breathtaking Seealpsee lake before finishing our hike and calling it a weekend.

Me thinking: "Whoa! Some people actually hike HIGHER than this!?!"

Me thinking: “Whoa! Some people actually hike HIGHER than this!?!”

I’m usually the photo guy that people can count on to snap pics of the entire adventure. However, this time I was a bit more concentrated on trying not to die and so couldn’t focus too much on the photos. I was able to take some good pictures from the top, but for photos of the climb and descent themselves, I had to refer to my boyfriend’s camera roll. Some of these photos are unreal beautiful, no?

Will I go hiking again? For sure! Will I affront such a difficult climb again? Meh…

My legs are no longer sore and the fear I felt (especially going back down … so effing steep!) has faded, leaving me with only good memories of my first hike up the Alps.

My much deserved Appenzeller beer. The background of this photo is the label on the bottle. So cool!

My much deserved Appenzeller beer. The background of this photo is the label on the bottle. So cool!


Pumpkin Party

Let’s do some simple math: I love pumpkin + Mantova is the Italian city famous for pumpkin = I went to Mantova to eat pumpkin.

Boy howdy, did I ever eat pumpkin! Me, my boyfriend, and two of our good friends drove out to an agriturismo (a farm where you can eat local food that they produce themselves) and had ourselves a pumpkin party in the countryside surrounding Mantova.

We had fried pumpkin, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin-filled tortelli (similar to ravioli), pumpkin gnocchi, and even pumpkin pudding for dessert. Pumpkin-issimo! We also had chunks of parmesan cheese with mostarda, another speciality from the region.

After eating our fill of zucca (pumpkin), we decided to go take a stroll around the old city of Mantova to work off some of that food. I took a bunch of pictures of the entire day and wanted to share them with you here below. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who are interested, the agriturismo that we went to is called Il Galeotto, and specializes in rice. In fact, the risotto was, in my opinion, the best part!