You need a Fashion Shower

Self-declared  Italian fashionista Anna Dello Russo decided to dabble in dancy EuroTrash to promote her new line of products for H&M. This is the result…

This song is totally a guilty pleasure and it’s fun and catchy, but the English is really horrendous and the video will change your life forever (whether for good or bad I’m still not sure). I can’t get enough of “Fashion Shower“, but watch the video below and decide for yourself.


Fashion is… my… alphabet.

I am the guardian … I am the guardian of fashion.

You need a Fashion Shower.


Italian Hand Gestures – Part 6

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a hand gesture video, but I’ve finally got a new one for you!

In the video, I talk about how the light quality isn’t the greatest, but then in post-production I discovered that YouTube has some new options that you can play around with to try and sort out the lighting/contrast/brightness. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was at the start! Though, if anybody wants to gift me a professional HD video camera, tripod, and some lights, I wouldn’t say no. 😉

So, here’s the vid for you guys. Learn the Italian hand gesture for “there is/are none“.


Italian Hand Gestures – Part 5

Ciao ragazzi! Here is a new Italian hand gesture for you to learn.

Italy is known the world over as a country with great food to eat and this video teaches you the hand gesture to say that you appreciate the local cuisine!

I filmed this video in my bed because the sun sets early here these days (being winter and all) and my apartment is really not the best in terms of lighting. I did a few test runs and my bed seemed to give the best results.

I guess we’re getting more and more intimate here on the blog! 😉

Italian Hand Gestures – Part 4

Here’s another vlog* for you guys: the Italian hand gesture for “That is perfect! That is precise!”

* Vlog means “video-blog” in internet-dork jargon. (I recently learned that myself!) 😀

Italian Hand Gestures – Part 3

Ciao ragazzi!

The public has spoken! You guys voted on which Italian hand gesture you wanted to see next, so here it is!

(P.S. I’ve had a hoarse voice recently, so please excuse my growling … though I do think it’s a bit sexy)

Italian Hand Gestures – Part 1

Ciao a tutti, belli e brutti!

Hand gestures are such an intricate part of Italian life, that I thought it necessary to include some on my blog.

Here below, you can watch the first in my series of Italian hand gesture videos.

Between these videos and my Italian phrasebook, I’ll have you talking and gesticulating like a bona fide Italian in no time!