The sperm wars

Females fight back in sperm wars


To add a comment. Scott pitnick and his colleagues describe an extraordinary way of viewing internal processes, as they are played out within the female tract. In short, i think scientists have been far too quick to assume that human ovulation is in fact concealed at all, and far too willing to attribute all sorts of monogamy-supporting importance to it. But inside, he needs no encouragement to admit that he actually believes that as many as 30 per cent of men have been duped into thinking that they are the “fathers” of children fathered by others. Among apes, gibbons are typically monogamous, while orangutans and gorillas essentially live in one-male systems as well, although orangs are dispersed whereas gorillas live in cohesive harem groups. An experimental evolutionary study on house mice (mus musculus) has found multiple mating is beneficial for both males and females.

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The sperm wars. To test this idea, reproductive biologist harry moore and evolutionary ecologist tim birkhead of the university of sheffield in the u. As far as i can see, there is no evidence, and i will be providing a further discussion in my next blog. There appear to be at least two types of kamikaze sperm. Mitochondria packed in the midpiece provide energy to power the tail for progression. ‘generally speaking, the best sperm wins.

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The team has also provided the first example that females respond adaptively to the sperm competition environment, which allows them to prepare for prevailing conditions during their reproductive life. The reproductive tract inside. (frans de waal’s book, bonobo: the forgotten ape, is a great place to begin.