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When i was 17 my cousin caught me sniffing her used pantyhose in her room. I remembered that i had a pair of binoculars in my trunk, retrieved them and studied her crotch from the safety of my front seat while parked in the self serve lanes at the gas station. I’m now with my second wife and she has no reservation about my wearing panties. To see her cock fucking your man-cunt.

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Wearing panty and pantyhose stories. I was instantly hard. I have talked to many men on-line and, some had an issue with. My doctors and others have all seen me in panties and i have rarely even gotten a snicker from anyone. I watched him bend down and lick her ass. When he offered her another one, she said yes. Been wearing panties off and on for 40 years.


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Then she had a minor panic attack that brought on a flush which was definitely menopausal. I hope you did not mind, slut.

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